"It's not always the strongest who wins the contest!"

"Sometimes it's the team with the most persistence!"

Captain Betty Bell
The Butterfly Girls

The Butterfly Girls take home the Pink Club prize for the sixth year in a row.

Fantasy Forest Sports Day

Big Win to Butterfly Girls
The Ogres played against the Butterfly Girls at the Fantasy Forest sports carnival. "We ran all day," panted Olly Ogre, "but the Butterfly Girls were just too quick for us. We didn't score one club for the whole game."

The Butterfly Girls were just too fast and too nimble. Every time the Ogres moved their clubs up the pitch, the Butterflies zipped past them and landed a pink spot before the Ogres knew what hit them.

Highest Score All Year
The Butterflies scored a total of 12 pink spots and threaded the daisy chain a stunning three times.

"That daisy chain gets us every time" said Ollie Ogre. "But we'll be back next year! Leaner and meaner than ever!"

Reporter: Pip the Platypus