"I can't go on any longer. I go all limp and soggy just thinking about it!"

Freddy Fry

"Mr Grumpy needs to take a chill pill. After all, I'm the one with the big, black marker!"

Richard Galbraith

"Oh Yeah? At least I'm not the one wearing the silly hat!"

Mr Grumpy

Cartoons Threaten to Go on Strike

Crisis Talks
Crisis talks have begun since Richard Galbraith's cartoon characters threatened to go on strike. Spokesburger Mr Grumpy, the bad-tempered hamburger cartoon from the fast food outlet 'Grumpy's Burger Bar', said that the cartoon characters have had enough. "We're getting really steamed up!" said Mr Grumpy.

"Who does Richard think he is?" demanded the burger with the bad attitude. "We are sick and tired of being dragged out to primary schools day after day. The kids just laugh at us and we get no respect. Richard gets all the glory and we get nothing. We demand equal rights!"

Too much stress
"That's right," chipped in Freddy from The Fries Family. "I just can't cope with all the stress. Richard draws me day after day with a scared expression on my face. I'm sweating and screaming and running around the burger bar in panic. This kind of thing gets to you after a while. I go all limp and soggy just thinking about it.

"We have feelings too, you know," said Mr Grumpy. Enough is enough!"

Reporter: Pepy Pencil