Zombie Chickens Running Amok

Is Nobody Safe?
Once again, zombie chickens have been seen running around the school.

"We just lock up one lot of zombie chickens, and suddenly we've got a whole lot more," said Miss Rabbit, the school principal. "We have no idea where they're coming from."

Are the rumours true?
Rumours are flying around the school grounds that the zombie chickens are being drawn by the students.

"This was never a problem in the past," said Miss Rabbit. "It's only since that cartooning man, Richard Galbraith, visited our school that the zombies have shown up. I blame him!"

Reporter: Rusty Roo

"This looks like a job for Super Teddy!"

Super Teddy

"We've never had a problem with zombie chickens before! I blame Richard Galbraith!"

Miss Rabbit
School Principal

Can the rumours be true?

Are the students drawing zombie chickens? Or is it the teachers?