Software License Agreement

Banjo Blue's Cartoon Workshop™

Before using the accompanying software, please read the following conditions which include the software license, warranty and limited liability (called the "Agreement"). IF THE INDIVIDUAL OR ORGANISATION (called the "End-User") DO NOT ACCEPT THESE CONDITIONS OF USE, YOU SHOULD NOT INSTALL THE SOFTWARE.

The accompanying software product, Banjo Blue's Cartoon Workshop™, (called the "Software") is owned by Richard Galbraith Studios Pty Ltd (called the "Licensor"), or by its suppliers and is protected by copyright law and international treaty provisions. The Software is provided to you for use only under the following terms and conditions. The Licensor reserves any right not expressly granted to the End-User.

The End-User owns the disk on which the Software is recorded, but the Licensor retains ownership of all copies of the Software itself. The End-user is solely responsible for the installation and use of this Software.

1. License

This License Agreement permits the End-User to install the Software for use on one or more of your computers, depending upon the license version you have purchased – single seat, 50 seat, 90 seat or any other number of seats expressly agreed between the End-User and the Licensor. The End-User may use the Software in accordance with its stated purpose to assist in drawing cartoons for personal or educational use, free of any royalties or fees.

2. Warranty

The Software and other information licensed in this agreement is made available to you "as is". Neither the Licensor nor its distributors make any warranty as to its use or performance.

3. Restrictions

The End-User may not decompile, reverse engineer or disassemble the Software, or render it into human readable form. The End-User may not rent, lease, loan, resell for profit, distribute or disseminate the Software, or create derivative works based upon the Software or any part thereof, except as expressly provided in section 1 above.

4. Limitations of Liability

In no event will the Licensor or its direct or indirect suppliers be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the use of the Software. In particular, the Licensor and its suppliers are not responsible for any costs including, without limitation, loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, the cost of recovering such information, or claims by third parties. In no case shall any direct or indirect suppliers of the Licensor bear any liability for any reason whatsoever, and in no case shall the Licensor's liability exceed the amount of the license fee actually paid by you.

5. General

Banjo Blue's Cartoon Workshop Copyright© 2011 Richard Galbraith Studios Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.
Banjo Blue's Cartoon Workshop is a registered trademark of Richard Galbraith Studios Pty Ltd.

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This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Victoria, Australia.

If you have any questions about this Agreement, please write to:
Richard Galbraith Studios Pty Ltd, PO Box 179, Mount Evelyn, Victoria, 3796, Australia.